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Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook 2015, 33rd Edition



In 1983 Rawlinsons saw the need within the construction industry for a comprehensive building and construction reference book and from this early vision, Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook was formulated with the objective of providing an extensive and detailed building cost reference book embracing all sections of the building industry.

Unlike earlier publications, this book had to satisfy the varied requirements of our subscribers who were much more aware of building costs and methods than their counterparts of earlier years.

The popularity of the book was outstanding and this year, 2015, sees the publication of the 972-page, thirty-third edition of the Handbook, a complete reference guide with vital cost information for all Australian capital cities.

In this 33rd edition and in keeping with the philosophy of constantly developing and refining their publications, Rawlinsons have enhanced and increased our data on green issues and sustainability in construction, including green design; energy management and auditing and; environmental management.

Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook, the largest library and leading reference book within the construction industry in Australia, is directed mainly at medium/large projects.

Contents include :

• Prices for all mainland capital cities

• Regional Indices for all states

• Cost checks for all stages of construction

• Building Costs per Square Metre

• Elemental Costs of Buildings

• Comparative Costs

• Detailed Prices, providing unit prices for all trades and services

• Refurbishment and Recycling of Buildings – indicative costs

• Labour and Plant Constants

• Building Planning , Administration and Management

• Green Design

• Energy Management and Auditing

• Environmental Management

• Rental Reviews

• International Construction Costs . . . and much more.


2015 08108064 972pp Hardcover


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