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Geotechnical Engineering Calculations and Rules of Thumb

Ruwan Rajapakse


A one stop guide to the foundation design, pile foundation design, earth retaining structures, soil stabilisation techniques and computer software, this book places calculations for almost all aspects of geotechnical engineering at your finger tips.

In this book, theory is explained in a nutshell and then the calculation is presented and solved in an illustrated, step-by-step fashion.

In this book, the author's done all the heavy number-crunching for you, so you get instant, ready-to-apply data on activities such as: hard ground tunnelling, soft ground tunnelling, reinforced earth retaining walls, geotechnical aspects of wetland mitigation and geotechnical aspects of landfill design.

• Easy-to-understand approach the formulas and calculations

• Covers calculations for foundation,earthworks and/or pavement subgrades

• Provides common codes for working with computer software

• All calculations are provided in both US and SI units


PART 1: Shallow Foundations 1.0 Shallow Foundation Design for Bearing Capacity: 2.0 Long Term (Consolidation) Settlement of Shallow Foundations 3.0 Short Term Settlement in Sandy Soils 4.0 Shallow Foundation Design in Rock 5.0 Mat Foundation Design

PART 2: Deep Foundations: 6.0 Pile Foundation Design: 7.0 Design of Pile Groups 8.0 Pile Foundation Settlement 9.0 Negative Skin Friction Analysis 10.0 Seismic Analysis

PART 3: Earth Retaining Structures: 11.0 Lateral Earth Pressure Computations 12.0 Gravity Walls 13.0 Gabion Walls 14.0 Cantilever Retaining Walls 15.0 Secant and Tangent Pile Walls 16.0 Soil Nails 17.0 Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls 18.0 Sheetpile Walls

PART 4: Rock Mechanics and Tunneling 19.0 Rock Mechanics 20.0 Hard Ground Tunneling 21.0 Soft Ground Tunneling

PART 5: Geotechnical Engineering Strategies: 22.0 Geotechnical Engineering with MATHLAB 23.0 Earth Stabilisation 24.0 Excavation Support Design 25.0 Geotechnical Aspects of Wetland Mitigation 26.0 Geotechnical Aspects of Landfill Design 27.0 Economic Considerations

Published in the UK


2008 9780750687645 511pp Paperback


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