Picking Locks with a Blowtorch

Picking Locks with a Blowtorch


Title: Picking locks with a blowtorch – IT Security in age of the IOT

Presenter: Michael O'Flaherty, Security Consultant, UXC Saltbush

Description: Applying an IT Security approach to the Internet of Things (IOT) is akin to picking a lock with a blowtorch. The approach is not fit for purpose and will ultimately end in frustration, burnt hands and very little of the lock’s function remaining.

The foundation for good IoT security is recognising the gaps between traditional ICT security and the IoT, and knowing why the approach is different.

IT Security is getting pretty good at applying security frameworks and methodologies to corporate IT functions. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for IT Security's approach to the adoption of the IoT. An IT security manager's head will generally spin when confronted with the IoT and its inability to fit nicely within the mold of traditional IT security.

In this talk, security consultant Michael O'Flaherty will explain the fundamental gaps between IT and IoT Security approaches and show you three ways to provide the layers of security that more appropriately accommodate the unique service offering that is the IoT.

What you will learn:

  • The difference between corporate and IOT security
  • Three ways to provide layers of security

About the presenter: Michael has spent over 20 years casting a sceptical eye over 'good solutions' with the perspective of making them better in Australia and overseas.

As a IT Security Consultant he spends most of his time giving risk advice surrounding the myriad contemporary technology being deployed at client sites (some of it is taken).

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