Paving Our Ways: A History of the World’s Roads and Pavements

Paving our Ways provides a comprehensive international history of the world’s pavements, running from the earliest human settlements to the present day. It is written for general and technically oriented readers, tracing the human and social aspects of pavement development and use, and providing detailed technical background. It also caters to students of engineering and transport wishing to broaden their knowledge of their profession or taking a course in the history and sociology of engineering. It is is the only book at this level on this everyday topic.
The book is comprehensively illustrated, referenced and indexed.

ISBN: 978-0-367-52080-9

Maxwell Lay, formerly Director ConnectEast and Australian Road Research Board, John Metcalf, Formerly Louisiana State University, USA and Kieran Sharp, Road Eng. Assoc. of Asia and Australasia

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