Thing One and Thing Two – Myths, Philosophy and Engineering

Thing One and Thing Two – Myths, Philosophy and Engineering

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Presenter: Jon Eggins, Chief Operations Officer, Genesys Electronics Design; Systems Architect, Genesys Products

Description: Everyone has heard of the Internet of Things (IOT), but just what is a Thing? This presentation explains why Things are not just sensors but a form of intelligence encapsulation that can dramatically transform business processes around the Thing(s) in question. People new to IOT will benefit from understanding this core element of the broader ecosystem that makes up the range of IOT technologies. For advanced practitioners, misconceptions about Things will we clarified and insights on how to use them to best advantage will be laid out.

What you will learn:

  • The paradigms and categories into which Things can be conceptualized
  • Common pitfalls, misconceptions and over-simplifications
  • Thing IO, data and function
  • Thing APIs within an IoT ecosystem
  • Thing-to-Thing communication
  • Thing interoperability
  • A commercial- and productivity-driven approach to Thing designation

About the presenter: Jon Eggins is an honors degree-qualified professional electronics engineer by training, and has been involved in electronic product and system development for over 20 years. He has worked for companies such as Philips and Orica, where he was grounded in productivity-driven IoT and M2M system design and deployment. As COO of Genesys Electronics Design, and Systems Architect of Genesys Products, he amalgamates all his experience of electronics and software development into a broad and deep architectural perspective, and headlines development of Genesys’ proprietary IoT hardware and IoT data modeling.

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