Structural Analysis Principles, Methods and Modelling, 1st Edition


Structural Analysis Principles, Methods and Modelling, 1st Edition


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Provides Step-by-Step Instruction

Structural Analysis: Principles, Methods and Modelling outlines the fundamentals involved in analyzing engineering structures, and effectively presents the derivations used for analytical and numerical formulations. This text explains practical and relevant concepts, and lays down the foundation for a solid mathematical background that incorporates MATLAB® (no prior knowledge of MATLAB is necessary), and includes numerous worked examples.

Effectively Analyze Engineering Structures

Divided into four parts, the text focuses on the analysis of statically determinate structures. It evaluates basic concepts and procedures, examines the classical methods for the analysis of statically indeterminate structures, and explores the stiffness method of analysis that reinforces most computer applications and commercially available structural analysis software. In addition, it covers advanced topics that include the finite element method, structural stability, and problems involving material nonlinearity.

MATLAB® files for selected worked examples are available from the book’s website. Resources available from CRC Press for lecturers adopting the book include:

  • A solutions manual for all the problems posed in the book
  • Nearly 2000 PowerPoint presentations suitable for use in lectures for each chapter in the book
  • Revision videos of selected lectures with added narration
  • Figure slides

Structural Analysis: Principles, Methods and Modelling exposes civil and structural engineering undergraduates to the essentials of structural analysis, and serves as a resource for students and practicing professionals in solving a range of engineering problems.

Gianluca Ranzi is an associate professor and the director of the Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering at the University of Sydney, specializing in the analysis and design of concrete and composite steel-concrete structures.

Raymond Ian Gilbert is an emeritus professor at the University of New South Wales. He has over 35 years’ experience in teaching structural analysis and design and is a specialist in the analysis and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

ISBN: 9780415526449

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