PRACTICE NOTE: Preparing your engineering business for acquisition or merger - PDF

PRACTICE NOTE: Preparing your engineering business for acquisition or merger - PDF


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The purpose of this note is to provide guidance on how to prepare your engineering business for acquisition or merger with another company. It looks at reasons for selling, determining the value of your firm, things to do in preparation for the sale and other issues to help you achieve the best outcome for you and your staff.



1 Purpose  

2 Target readership  

3 Reasons for selling  

3.1 It’s time

3.2 New approaches

3.3 Overseas expansion 

3.4 Professional growth  

3.5 Succession

3.6 Demands for adjustments

3.7 Unsolicited offer

3.8 Career change

3.9 New leadership needed

4 Determining the value of your business

4.1 Being prepared before even thinking of selling

4.2 Coming up with a realistic assessment

4.2.1 Assessing strengths and weaknesses

4.2.2 Business information

4.2.3 Data transparency

4.2.4 Market intelligence

4.2.5 Valuation

4.2.6 Potential pitfalls and traps

5 Finding potential buyers

6 Buyer motivation 

6.1 Owning a business

6.2 Like companies

6.3 Geographic expansion

6.4 Investment

7 Your preferences

7.1 Staff retention

7.2 Service continuity

7.3 Staying involved  

8 Business culture

8.1 Factors determining business culture  

8.2 Assessing cultural compatibility

9 Preparing for the sale

9.1 Documentation

9.2 Business continuity  

9.3 Accounting and tax advice

9.4 Legal advice

9.5 Insurance

9.6 Internal communication

9.7 Start your separation process

9.8 Future business name

10 Helpful resources



Author: College of Leadership and Management, Engineers Australia


Published in Australia

@Engineers Australia, 2014

ISBN: 9781-922107-52-7

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