Engineering Heritage Conservation Guidelines 2014 - PDF


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The Guidelines objective is to help an engineer and heritage practitioner to understand the concept of significance of an engineered work or its elements, and also the methods available for retaining that significance during any alterations, development or demolition.


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1. Introduction

1.1 Engineering and Heritage 

1.2 The need for conservation guidelines

2. Conservation Principles

2.1 The Beginnings and The Burra Charter

2.2 Other Charters

2.3 Definitions

2.4 Conservation and Society

2.5 The Conservation Process

2.6 The Concept of Significance

2.7 Conservation Policy

3 Conservation Practice

3.1 Identifying Engineering Heritage

3.2 Assessing Significance

3.3 The Statement of Significance

4 Managing Engineering Heritage

4.1 Managing Significance

4.1 The Conservation Management Plan

4.3 Statement of Heritage Impact



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