Leading and Managing Professional Services Firms in the Infrastructure Sector


Leading and Managing Professional Services Firms in the Infrastructure Sector

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Professional services firms play a vital role in the social, environmental and economic well-being of any economy. This book considers the key skills and elements required to successfully lead and manage a professional services firm operating in the infrastructure sector. Public- and private-sector clients recognise the role that infrastructure plays in the functionality of our cities and that most urban conurbations have a backlog of infrastructure to deliver to meet the needs of increasing populations, greater urbanisation and emerging economies. Just keeping pace with projected global GDP growth will require an enormous investment in infrastructure and skilful leadership to deliver it.

Table of Contents: Introduction; Strategy; The nature of the firm; Marketing and communications; Business development; Winning proposals; Growth through mergers and acquisitions; Project management; Operational management; Commercials; Contracts; Risks and opportunities; Knowledge management; People and culture; Building systems and processes; How to increase the chance of project success

In response to this challenge, professional services firms will need to be well-led and well-managed to be successful and sustainable in the long-term. Such organisations must provide high-value advice, design, knowledge and innovations to get more out of the existing assets and to plan and design new assets with greater integrity and construct them more productively, efficiently and effectively. This book provides practical frameworks for emerging operational managers and future project leaders to prepare them to successfully manage these firms and deliver such projects in the face of new and often disruptive technologies and shifting corporate landscapes.

The book is essential reading for aspiring leaders operating in all infrastructure market sectors including energy, water, sewerage, road, rail, ports, airports, education, health, justice, retail, entertainment, property and development sectors.

By Tim Ellis

© 2018 – Routledge

170 pages; ISBN: 9780815379171


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