Subscription to IoT webinar program - Webinar

Subscription to IoT webinar program - Webinar

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To facilitate greater participation by the public in its Applied IOT Engineering Community, Engineers Australia is offering a bulk subscription to a full year of webinars for just $282. The community normally runs about 20 webinars a year, at $30 per webinar, so this subscription represents a saving of $318, more than 50% off buying each webinar individually. In addition, you only have go through the purchase process once rather than for every single webinar.

How your subscription works

Once you subscribe, your subscription starts immediately and will terminate one year from the date of purchase. The calendar of upcoming webinars can be found on the IoT community website. You can also register for free on the site and by ticking the tick box “Send me news and update” we will send you a fortnightly email with all upcoming events and changes to our Body of Knowledge wiki.

You will be sent an email a few days prior to each webinar, providing you with logon details for each individual webinar. To access the live webinar, you will need a computer with internet access and permissions to download the webinar software. You should ideally have a working microphone on your computer if you want to participate fully in question time.

If you miss the live event you will be able to access a recording. An email will be sent to you shortly after the event with the link. To access the full archive of recordings you would need to become a member. Non-engineers can become an affiliate member. All webinars and recordings are free for members of Engineers Australia.

About the community

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been described as the defining technical trend of the coming decade, impacting virtually every industry and business process. In recognition of this, Engineers Australia (EA) runs a community of practice on the application of IoT technologies. The aim of the community is to build a body of knowledge about IoT engineering which is hosted in a wiki. The main audience for the community are engineers who are looking to apply IoT technologies in their field or ICT professionals wanting to learn more about the different aspects of IoT they may not be familiar with.

The main activity of the community is to run two webinars a month, with a break over the new year. Webinars are a mixture of case studies, 101 sessions, technical deep dives, and examinations of how IoT is applied in particular industries. You can see a list of the previous webinars we have previously delivered on the community site. 

Each webinar lasts an hour, with a 30 minute presentation followed by questions. We normally schedule webinars at lunchtime on a Tuesday but occasionally have evening events to facilitate face-to-face meetings in conjunction with the webinar. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the IoT community facilitator on [email protected]

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