Ensuring a trusted Internet of Things - Webinar

Ensuring a trusted Internet of Things - Webinar

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Title: Ensuring a Trusted Internet of Things

Presenter: Jason Soroko, Manager - Security, Entrust Datacard

What you will learn:

  • IoT security solutions must focus on business outcome
  • IoT initiatives need to be secure by design, scalable, flexible and agnostic to technology environment
  • Managed Identities can be a basis for IoT security including authentication, authorization and data integrity

Description: We describe a security approach that unlocks business value by enabling secure access to IoT data. The intent is to ensure the right security level for every device, application, system and user. We ensure that data is usable only by authorized devices, applications and users. This allows you to create trusted IoT ecosystems and safeguard the flow of data across your infrastructure.

About the presenter: Jason Soroko has spent nearly two decades in systems architecture and development roles in diverse industries with an emphasis on security. As the threat landscape becomes more advanced, the need for Entrust Datacard to understand evolving threats requires deep and dedicated thinking in security concepts. Soroko's thought-leadership in security is rooted in connecting the threat perspective to how systems work as a whole. He frequents security conferences and publishes on important security topics.

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