Building interoperability into IoT solutions - Webinar

Building interoperability into IoT solutions - Webinar

Possible delivery methods: Standard Post within Australia, Express Post within Australia, Registered Post within Australia

Presenters: Daniel Pratt, Regional Sales Manager, Reekoh

What you will learn:

  • How to architect and deploy a scalable IoT Solution
  • An overview of an IoT Platform
  • Design considerations for an IoT Solution

Description: Interoperability and integration are key to successful IoT projects. The sheer complexity of thing-to-thing relationships in large deployments is challenging. For large scale deployments, it is unrealistic to be writing thousands of different bits of code. A key to interoperability in IOT is to adopt a mindset of modularity. The more modular your IOT system the more likely those things are to be interoperable. In this presentation, you will learn how to use a modular platform to build interoperability into your projects from day one.

About the presenter: Daniel Pratt works with clients on their IoT projects, helping reduce the complexity of integrating the many different protocols, products and services that present themselves. Before joining Reekoh Daniel worked in digital transformational roles throughout Australia, SE Asia and the UK.

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