How to increase your chances of getting your first engineering job in Australia - eBook


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"Migrant engineers are a valuable source of engineering expertise and they should be given a chance to help meet the demand for engineering skills in this country."

Published by Engineers Australia, this is directed at newly arrived migrant engineers, technologists and associates seeking guidance on how to approach their job search.

The booklet provides information and helpful tips on communication skills, making connections through networking, where to look for jobs, the value of initially getting a job outside engineering and how to prepare for a job interview.

It also includes three success stories from recent migrants revealing what they did to get their first engineering job.




1. Introduction

2. Preparing yourself

2.1. Language skills

2.2 Communication skills

2.3. Further study

2.4. Continuing professional development

2.5. Obtaining chartered status

3. Networking

3.1. Networking through personal contact

3.2. Networking through LinkedIn

3.3. Networking through Facebook

4. Where to look for jobs

4.1. General job websites

4.2. Specialist job websites in engineering

4.3 Direct approach to employers

5. Location of employment

6. Local experience outside engineering

6.1. Outside engineering

6.2. Within engineering

7. How to prepare a job application

7.1. Covering letter

7.2. Curriculum vitae (CV)

8. How to prepare for an interview

8.1. Arrangements

8.2. Research the organisation and the industry

8.3. Be prepared to talk about yourself

8.4. Anticipate the interviewerÂ’s questions

8.5. Appearance

8.6. Behaviour

8.7. Other hints

9. Resources for Engineers Australia members

10. Other services

11. Success stories

11.1 Hosein Rashidi Zadeh

11.2 Cassio Donato

11.3 Namvar Yaghooti

12. Appendices

12.1. Cover letter

12.2. Curriculum vitae



Author: Jennifer O'Donovan
Manager, Career Development Centre for Engineers Australia


@Engineers Australia, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-922107-26-8

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