Retail petroleum case study of the Internet of Things - Webinar

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Retail petroleum case study of the Internet of Things - Webinar


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Description: The Internet of Things is creating a whole new digital agenda for oil and gas. This presentation is a case study on how DiUS helped Environmental Monitoring Solutions use the cloud and IoT to tackle the global petroleum industry problem of petrol station inefficiencies and make a positive environmental impact.

Presenters: Zoran Angelovski, DiUS Principal Consultant and Russell Dupuy, Managing Director of Environmental Monitoring Solutions

What you will learn:

  • How this solution delivers real-time visibility on fuel sites - managing how they proactively maintain sites, optimise delivery and build data models for trends.
  • The efficiencies being driven through real-time operational visibility.
  • An overview of the tech underpinning the custom-built sensors.
  • How they designed a flexible and remotely upgradable monitoring solution using passive snooping techniques for use with potentially fully loaded station circuits.

About the presenters

Zoran Angelovski: Riding the wild technology wave for over 20 years, Zoran has seen it all. He has a background in hardware development, broadband telecommunications and more recently electric vehicle chargers, smart energy devices and IoT products. If he’s not tinkering in the hardware space, you will find him exploring Victoria’s beaches and high country.

Russell Dupuy: With over 25 years’ experience in fuel system automation, Russell is an industry leader, disruptor and innovator. Forged from a formal engineering background, he has developed leak detection systems and wetstock management solutions for major oils in Australian, Europe, Japan and the USA. With a passion for the environment, Russell leads a number of environmental and industry workgroups to drive innovation and sustainability for what is often referred to as a mature and dirty industry. When not disrupting his industry, Russell keeps busy mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding and gardening.

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